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Collecting and storing data is not enough to make the difference. In Harvest Store we have implemented many features that allow you to quickly gain knowledge about your visitors. This in turn enables you to fully utilize the data you capture and become more relevant and more profitable.

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Raw data access and ownership

Raw data access is invaluable. It enables you to answer the complex questions that web analytics tools cannot provide. Nowadays, in a modern data infrastructure, it is a must to have a solution that allows you to query your raw data.

No sampling

No matter how much data you collect. You will never encounter sampling in Harvest Store. All reporting can be done based on your full data set.

Combining datasources

Harvest is build around online data and allows you to not only store online click data, but enrich this data with any data you want. Import sales data from your own systems or data from your marketing tools for automated end-to-end reporting.



The Harvest Suite offers a integrated solution to make sure you get the most of your data. From data collection, quality assurance, compliance with privacy regulation to making use of data through building profiles, doing recommendations and performing complex analysis.

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